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The First Floating City App underwent its final test. The app successfully floated on a platform created of thousands of PET bottles. Test location: The Hofvijver, the pond next to the Dutch Parliament, The Hague. The inaugural ceremony witnessed official handing over of the app by the honorable representative of The Hague Municipality Mr. Karsten Klein, to the honorable Ambassador of Bangladesh Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Belal. The app is being shipped to Dhaka, Bangladesh to be utilized for education and communication purposes in wetslum of Korail.

Banglavision TV media coverage for Floating City App Foundation - Bangladesh Netherlands Collaboration - Inauguration Ceremony.

A growing number of architects are adapting their designs and concepts due to climate change. As a result, floating architecture is taking off in popularity. One of the leading offices specializing in such a concept is Waterstudio in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

Documentary of Thalassa on French TV 

Recreational watervilla park designed by Waterstudio in the north of the Netherlands at the Sneekermeer

Waterstudio's Watervilla Kortenhoef on Travel Channels Extreme Houseboats.
Design Koen Olthuis

Hong Kong television features Koen Olthuis Waterstudio.NL

ARTE l'apocalypse features Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.NL

Dutch Design: Waterstudio's Watervilla IJburg
Design Koen Olthuis

Japanese television features Waterstudio's watervilla Kortenhoef

An interview with Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio.NL on the Venice Biennale for the exhbition "the dutch way" in the Britsh Pavilion

Oswego Mayor Tom Gillen received a letter of intent and proposal offer from Joe Pilotta and Samuel Oasis, of Digital Financial Group, in Columbus, Ohio. The letter outlines the details of a $150 million project called In-Nova Oswego. The goal of building a 155,000 sq. ft. facility that would float in Oswego’s harbor is jobs and job creation. The building would be designed by world-class architects Waterstudio, of the Netherlands.

Koen Olthuis Waterstudio.NL on Mega enginering at sea Discovery Channel
Floating cities drift in from future Reuters (02:06) Report Jun 15 - The low-lying Netherlands has become a laboratory for innovative architectural designs aimed at utilizing the one thing they have in abundance - water. Rob Muir reports
Koen Olthuis is one of the young architects leading Holland, and the world, toward an amphibious future. From floating houses to a floating cruise ship terminal, Olthuis believes the best way to live with water is to live on water.
Russian Festival of contemporary Dutch architecture Koen Olthuis of waterstudio featured in the exposition, documentary and book of the Russian Dutch Contemporary Architecture Festival.
ARD German Television
Building a floating house, showing the concept of construction
Sanlih TV Taiwan features Koen Olthuis
Koen Olthuis Waterstudio.NL on NPR

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