According to our vision, today’s designers are an essential part of the climate change generation and should start to enhance their perspective by considering urban components that are dynamic instead of static. Waterstudio solution, called City Apps, are floating urban components that add a particular function to the existing static grid of a city. 


Waterstudio team has returned from a field research with the goal to research on the possibilities of the implementation of the first City App in the Korail Wet Slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh.The upgrading of Korail wet slum has started, check out our movie: Meet the clients.
Using existing urban water as building ground relieves space for a new density, providing worldwide opportunities for cities to respond flexibly to climate change and urbanization.
In response to an increase in the demand and urgency for wildlife protection, Waterstudio has designed  a new concept, the Sea Tree®, in order to create the necessary green spots within a city. Sea Tree is a floating, steel structure made up of vegetated, layered habitats designed exclusively for flora and fauna.
Koen Olthuis is an active member of the Flood Resilient Group. Waterstudio supports the Flood Resilient Group by conducting and sharing beneficial research associated with alleviating problems caused by water and coming up with creative solutions. The Flood Resilient Group is a multidisciplinary research group affiliated to UNESCO-IHE and Delft University of Technology.


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